Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance System

Iberdrola Distribución Eléctrica, S.A.U. is the parent company of the Iberdrola group business that perform regulated electricity transmission activities in the areas it operates in, including performing all types of activities, works and services for or relating to the business of transmission, distribution and third-party access to the electricity grid, subject, in all cases, to the provisions of laws applicable, at any given time, to the Electricity Sector. Its corporate purpose is exclusively focussed on performing that type of activity, subject to what is established in the Electricity Sector Act and the Code for the Separation of Activities for companies in the Iberdrola Spain group with regulated activities.

This item includes the corresponding executive roles in charge of the ordinary and effective management of the aforementioned business, including its ordinary control, through its Board of Directors and management bodies.

In the performance of these duties and exercising its power of decision-making, Iberdrola Distribución Eléctrica, S.A.U. has approved its own company By-Laws and the Governance Rules of the Internal Committees, and has adopted, through its competent bodies, the Introduction [PDF], the Mission, Vision, and Values of the Iberdrola group, as well as those Corporate Policies and rules of Regulatory Compliance that make up the Corporate Governance System of Iberdrola, S.A., which are applicable and the specific rules and regulations that complement or develop it.

Iberdrola S.A. permanently updates its Corporate Governance System, which is made up of the By-Laws, the Mission, Vision, and Values of the Iberdrola group, Corporate Policies, Governance Rules of the Corporate Decision-Making Bodies and of the Internal Committees and of the Regulatory Compliance, approved by its responsible bodies. Our corporate governance policy takes into account the most widely recognised good governance recommendations in international markets.