Find out about any incident or scheduled work on the grid through the new incident map included in the "Online management and support" section


  • Supply connection files management.

    Supply connection files management

    Modify or request supply; track your connection's progress... this is the place to manage the services you need according to your needs.

  • Download the consumer's app

    With the consumer's app, you can track your consumption, decide how much capacity you need, enter your meter reading, track any tickets... and enjoy a wide range of other services.

  • Provide a meter reading

    The smart meter has several power logs, can simultaneously manage multiple contracts with different rates, and has numerous event logs on supply quality and fraud control. Would you like to provide your meter reading?

  • Smart grids

    Iberdrola group has completed the digitisation of its distribution networks for the intelligent use of electricity. As a result of the STAR project, with an investment of 2 billion euros, 10.7 million digital meters have been installed and provide remote management and automation capabilities to 90,000 transformation centres.