Benefits and services

The needs of our consumers are evolving and their reliance on their power supply is ever greater. Our consumers require higher levels of quality in their power supply.They demand more accurate and detailed information about their consumption and any grid incidents that could affect them, and lastly they expect to receive a more personalised service that is available via various consumer service channels.

Iberdrola Distribution's commitment to remote and automated grid management systems is the first step in a technological transformation in the field of smart grid to allow us to offer a wide range of services to our consumers, improve the quality of the power supply, respond to the demand for electricity in the future and manage power distribution in the best way possible.

The benefits that are provided to the consumer are as follows:

  • Improvement in power supply quality.
  • Real-time information on the status of supply points (power, reading, supply, etc.).
  • Improved response to incidents and contractual changes.
  • Consumers can manage their usage more efficiently so that bills may be reduced.

Consumer service

The grid automation that Iberdrola Distribution has implemented allows it to act faster and more efficiently in the event of any network incidents, detecting faults more quickly and, often, permitting automatic work on the grid with no need for manual intervention. This results in an improvement in the reliability of the power supply offered to our consumers. Additionally, we offer our consumers the option to receive messages about any incidents that affect them, whether faults, scheduled interruptions or others, allowing them to take appropriate measures.

Through its digitalisation of the grid, Iberdrola Distribution provides its consumers with access online and in real time to the information on their meter, allowing them to consult hourly, daily and monthly consumption, as well as power demand. The quality and reliability of this information allows our consumers to make decisions to optimise their consumption and choice of contract.

Consumers can manage the services they are offered through any device, both the consumer's WEBpage and the app. For more information click here.

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